These ruined structures point to long-lost rituals and a spirituality that no longer seems to exist. Among all the bloodshed, even a place of peace and worship has become an ideal battlefield.

The design of these structures is of those by the Knights, and the land surrounding the cathedral is as deadly as the warriors fighting for it.

Overview Edit

The entire map revolves around the cathedral that the map is named for. Within the cathedral is a long and tall open area, with a large statue dedicated to a Lord of old from when Ashfeld was divided between Lords and Ladies[1], and a balcony lining the inside. Stairs, ladders and ruined slopes lead up to this balcony. Sandwiched between a hillside and a cliff, the cathedral also lies between a broken bridge in the front and a cemetery in the back. The cliffside of the cathedral has a stone balcony that is in shambles, so passage between the front and back of the building may be better done on the hillside.

Unique to this map is the geysers which have erupted in the cemetery. They surround a big tree located that is in the middle of all the tombs and graves, blowing up periodically. Warriors best be careful when near one, for being on top as its spews up will scald them for instant death. The puddles they leave though are harmless.

Sections Edit

  • Geysers
  • Broken balcony
  • Cathedral
  • Hillside
  • Cathedral entrance

Trivia Edit

  • This map is the setting of the mission "Honor."
    • The end of the mission has the Orochi and Momiji crossing a bridge. However, in the normal gamemode's version of the map, the bridge is destroyed, cutting off further access.

Gallery Edit


  1. Writer Ariadne MacGillivray's Reddit comment
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