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Captains that use shields have their own page.

Captains are ranking soldiers that appear in the campaign and skirmish mode and are used to help train the player in the tutorial.


Captains can be identified among Soldiers for their larger stature and the unified design of their helmets, body armor, and sword.

  • Viking Captains wear leather armor, together with an identifiable coloured sash over their chest indicating which side they are from. For their helmet, they wear a Gjermundbu helmet with chainmail covering the lower half of their face. They wield a greatsword, and use the Rogan weapon set.
  • Knight Captains wear plate armor over chainmail, clothed with a gambeson and a Flat Top Helmet with a likely fixed visor. They wield a longsword, and use the Rogan weapon set.
  • Samurai Captains wear tosei-gusoku (armor made of horizontal plates) under a sleeveless coat, a decorated kabuto helmet and a mempo. They wield a katana, and use the Tsubame weapon set.

Keep in mind that these changes are purely aesthetic. All Captains behave the same way.


Captains operate much like a Hero when it comes to Guard Mode, where they can be locked onto and be attacked using combos. And while they too will use the Guard Mode and attack from one of the three sides, they lack any unique traits and their combat method is limited to striking with a heavy attack or using the guardbreak. Attacks performed by captains are slow and exaggerated and thus easily parried and otherwise bypassed.

Captains will be active in combating any Hero that attacks them; they may perform a guardbreak on an enemy near a ledge or map hazard. While their damage is not to the same level as Heroes, it is enough for them to become a good support to Enemy Heroes you are dueling with. Captains however will forgo trying to change their stance to block incoming attacks, neither will they make any effort to dodge often.


Together with two to five Soldiers, Captains will roam the map or stand guard in a location. Occasionally, this will result in Captains fighting opposing Captains. And if killed, a new Captain will take their place soon. They do not spawn on certain maps, like Market Town or Viking Village.



Officers are enhanced variants of Captains that are tasked to guard and patrol fortresses. Currently they appear exclusively in Breach. Officers assist both teams and only to converge on the side objectives. Once the side objective belongs to their team they will either move to the next objective or remain behind to guard it.

Officers are slightly more aggressive than regular Captains and sport more health at 80. While slightly more dangerous than Captains they are still passive compared to Heroes. Unlike Captains, Officers can be executed just like Heroes, serving as a means of healing which is scarce in the gamemode. Their Light Attacks will deal 20 damage while their Heavy Attacks deal 24 damage.


Just like other AI units, Captains will sometimes appear in Arcade quests, typically appearing in higher level quests to make the quest more difficult.


Captains appear in all of the major battles in the Campaign, and also in smaller skirmishes. They may be with certain bosses or enemy characters as support. Unlike other modes, they can be seen in larger groups than leading a group of soldiers. They sometimes are seen in cutscenes.


  • Unlike their Soldier counterparts, Captains only exist as male units, both through character model and voice.
  • The Breach-exclusive Officers have many player-type properties. Officers can be executed, are able to receive the Morale Booster buff like players, gain a damage buff from the Inspire feat, and give health and stamina to a player when killed with the Bounty Hunter feat active. Officers do not receive any of the above properties.
    • While normally unseen, Officers also have the ability to climb ladders.