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The Bodyguard set and its alternate variant are armor sets for the Gryphon hero. The normal Bodyguard set is epic, while the alternate variant is heroic.


  • On the scroll on the Bodyguard set's left waist are Chinese characters, stating "三十功名塵與土 八千里路雲和月" (sān shí gōng míng chén yǔ tǔ, bā qiān lǐ lù yún hé yuè.). This is an excerpt from the poem "Man Jiang Hong", written by Yue Fei, and translates to "At the age of thirty, my deeds are nothing but dust, my journey has taken me over eight thousand."
  • Unusually, the Alernate set's helmet is supposedly more "decorated" than its Normal set, as the Alternate set features a mask on top of being able to apply colors (the Normal variant lacks either of these).

Gryphon Gear Visuals
Gryphon Armor Visuals
Common Mercenary (Alternate)
Pilgrim Alternate
Penitent Alternate
Rare Explorer (Alternate)
Heroic Disciple Alternate
Informer Alternate
Pathfinder Alternate
Bodyguard Alternate
Epic Disciple
Legendary Rogue (Alternate)
Protector (Alternate)
Entertainer (Alternate)
Convict (Alternate)
Gryphon Weapon Visuals
Common Mercenary - Lawbreaker - Pilgrim - Traveler
Rare Fenstigi - Farthegi - Farmadr
Heroic Hanami - Fengchao - Hervis's Prize*
Epic Guan Yu's Oath - Systkin - Ilma's Gift *
Legendary Aonbheannach - Longma - Ayu's Pact - Stigandr's Grace* - Reckoning *
Event Jolly Snowflake - Ecliptic Penitence
Premium Avant-Garde Exquisitor

*Star Weapon