The Bear Claw clan is a Viking Clan in Valkenheim.

Overview Edit

The Bear Claw clan was one of the more violent clans, led by the warmongering Siv. They occupied Skällaborg, decorating the path to their fort with the severed heads of their enemies.

After the destruction of Svengård, the Bear Claws starved like all the other Vikings.

After escaping prison, Ragnar would take refuge in Grön. He would lead several of its members to begin raiding each other and hoarding food. After Ragnar's death, the Vikings that followed pledged their allegiance to the Warborn.

The Warborn would go on to unite the other Viking clans until only the Bear Claw remained. The Warborn would absorb the Bear Claws and free their prisoners.

Known Members Edit

  • Siv the Ruthless
  • Ragnar
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