There was once a grand fortress of solitude and respite. Built into the mountain with structures that consume the landscape, it remains a picturesque view from afar.

Invaders can only arrive by boat on the banks of this fortress making it an extremely defensible position, a desirable stronghold for any army hoping to gain the upper hand in battle.

Overview Edit

The sea fort is built around the bailey leading to the gate with the stronghold inside holding the defending forces. However, bombardment has damaged the walls and created debris that can serve as ramps up to parts of the wall, the Armory and Ballista, that lines the bailey. Between these two are various pathways that can be taken, from walking through the Bailey to walking atop the walls over the bridge that goes over the Gates.

The Ballista is located near the boats where the invaders have landed. Located on the wall, there is a passageway under from the bailey that players can take, at the risk that an enemy player may jump down to strike them down. On the otherhand, the Armory is located entirely under the walls, but has Spike Hazards inside. Both objective feature a means to walk down to the bailey through short ledges, or through a slope or ladder.

In Dominion, the fortress is under siege. Attacking ships come crashing onto the shore, soldiers leaping off. The defenders see these ships and begin to close the gates as archers try to provide cover fire. Ships behind them carrying catapults open fire, the flaming rocks impacting the top of the gate, damaging it and causing it to fall open. Left with no other choice the defending forces rush out to meet the invading force.

Sections Edit

  • Stronghold
  • Gates
  • Armory
  • Ramparts
  • Ballista
  • Breach assault
  • Boats

Trivia Edit

  • During the opening cinematic for the attackers, a soldier disembarking from the boat will be hit by an arrow. He lets out the Wilhelm scream.[1]
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