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Ayu (jp: あゆ 亜由) is a character that appears in For Honor's single player campaign.


A proud Daimyo and an old friend of The Orochi, Ayu helped break him/her out of the prison to help drive off the Viking raiders from the city. However, during the Blackstone Legion's raid that assassinated the Dawn Empire's emperor, she was captured and brought before Apollyon along with the other Daimyo. When Seijuro was the first Daimyo to claim the mantle as Emperor, Ayu and the other Daimyo were left in the swamps to fight each other. Ayu knew this would lead to civil war so she took out the other Daimyo before going after Seijuro. The Orochi bested Seijuro in a duel so she took the throne as Empress and had Seijuro become one of her commanders. She helped lead the charge against Apollyon's fortress.


Strong, proud, and with good reason to be, Ayu was dedicated to her people while still aspiring to become more. After killing the other Daimyo, she refused to kill their followers, knowing she had to unite them to prevent a civil war.


  • Ayu's helmet has two ornaments on it during the Campaign. This was likely because the developers chose to change the ornament halfway through but forgot to do it during one mission.
    • During the mission Duty, Ayu's helmet is adorned with the Descending Dragon ornament.
    • In the closing cut-scene of Duty and from there on, her helmet possesses a butterfly ornament.
    • Another oversight during cut-scenes, Ayu is seen with the default Tsubame Nodachi. Meanwhile, in-game she has the Sasaki set.
  • In the Japanese version of For Honor, her clan members refer to her with the honorific "-sama" (様; connotation: "lord" or "great mistress"), further emphasizing her position as a respectful leader.