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Ashfeld: home to the Knights. With its temperate climate and lush green forests, the silent dangers of the land are not apparent to those unfamiliar with it.



Though more forgiving than the other two lands, Ashfeld is still wrought with peril. The volcano, Mount Ignis, has created lakes and rivers of acid, forcing the knights who occupy the land to keep careful track of which water sources are safe and which are not. Pits of lava and geysers threaten all who are not wary. The further north you are, the less stable the land becomes. Occasionally, the land will shake and a new lava pit will emerge, reminding Ashfeld's inhabitants of the Cataclysm.[1]

Ancient ruins from a forgotten time dot the landscape. Many of these ruins have crumbled into nothing but rubble but there are still a few that remain standing. The Knights believe that these ruins were built by the Great Empire, the precursor to the Iron Legion.

Plant life is thriving and incredibly varied from deciduous forests to evergreen trees in the mountains.


After the Cataclysm, Ashfeld was consumed by war with the Vikings. The land was nearly claimed when the Blackstone Legion halted their advance. Then, the Vikings disappeared. Not long after, the Knights in Ashfeld attempted to expand into the northern country: the land of the Vikings. But the Vikings had returned and pushed them back, renewing the war between the two factions. The Knights then attempted to expand into the swampy Myre but found that it has become inhabited by the Samurai, who retaliated. After years of war, the Knights finally repelled the Vikings and the Samurai from Ashfeld. However, the Knights chose not to pursue their foes and opted to defend their lands instead. However, neither the Vikings nor the Samurai continued their assault and peace fell upon Ashfeld.

With no common foe to unify them, the Knights fell into disarray. Legions were formed including, most notably, the Iron Legion. However, many of the knights declared their allegiance to warlords and mercenary groups.

When the Vikings returned, they managed to claim several outposts along its border and began pushing inward but the Blackstone Legion repelled them once more.

With the renewal of the Great War, Ashfeld is under constant threat of invasion from their Viking and Samurai neighbors.

Notable Locations