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• 31m

i made a starset fandom. y'know, cause why not?
dunno why i decided to do this but whatever
Discussions | Starsetband Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Discussions | Starsetband Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
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• 1h


The knights faction just got a big time player back, and I look to turn this around for my teammates
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• 1h

Highlander ~ Gladiator

What would you choose?
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• 3h
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• 3h

Very interesting
For Honor - Projectile Feats Explained
For Honor - Projectile Feats Explained YouTube
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• 3h

Highlander Tips

hello can you guys give me some highlander tips, thanks
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• 4h

15,000 silver

Im not looking for emotes or executions.
I have the Chance between all the four communists
Black Prior

Idk who i tried them all and Highlander seemed to be the Most fun, but what do you Guys think?
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• 6h


Why does tribute still exist cuz i dont play it and the daily orders cant make me. I play Elimination and Skirmish every once and a while but never tribute. It doesnt even feel fun to me. especally when you have shitty teamates.

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• 7h

Don't feel so good

I will try to write the stories but don't expect me to be around here this week like normal, let's see
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• 8h


Im just here waiting for the raider buff, in my opinion he needs some hyper armor
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• 9h

Valkyrie buff?

Do you think valk needs A buff well I do, I played her in the beginning of the game and she was really good yeah she need some nerfs, but not a rework!. I recently picked up the game again and she’s not the Same, it was uncalled for to get rid of her head butt that’s A huge part of her kit. Now I can’t stand to play her she should get another change what do you think?
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• 15h

JJ edgy walk

It looks so funny
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• 16h

Black Prior

I know he is still pretty new but does anyone know what a good counter as Vanguard is against Black Prior. I get most people who pick him with heavies and unblockables but when someone's good at using him his shield bash and turtle I can't seem to figure out a good counter like I did against Warlord. I tried having my friends help me train but they aren't good as him. At all.
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• 18h


Just 3 hit a JJ in duels as cent with the new throw and parry punishes +chip it’s so funny
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• 19h


Looking for active people who’d be down to play some chill dominion I’m rep 34 over all but have a rep 8 Lawbringer, 8BP, and 14 Nobu
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• 21h
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• 22h


Get ready for the next chapter of Lightning’s Grasp
Meanwhile Q/A about the book
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• 22h

Pick 2 "heroes from for honor"

And make the scariest combination, I think orochi and shugoki would be omega spook.
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• 22h

For honor movie

No there isn’t a for honor movie just wondering if you would be willing to watch it
It would be a adaptation form the story mode
Not real
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• 23h

Wtf weekly challenge Seccond round....

Wtf a Zerkerm Shaman and Highlander.

No Modifiers...
YET they keep spawning after 10 sec even when Executed... ?

I just killed all of them Twice without winning... they where just all dead n then nothing...
5sec later they all spawned again... wtf?

Totally glitched...
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